Devices and Interfaces

Covering a wide range of Storage Devices, Buses and Interfaces, Displays, Audio/Video codecs, Wireless/Wired Connectivity etc.


Supported operating systems

Most popular operating systems like: Linux, Android, and RTOSes like: FreeRTOS, IsixRTOS and bare metal hardware.


Programming languages

Highly proficient in C, C++, Assembly, Python, Java etc with exposure to right development tools.

Firmware and Device drivers expertise

The software running on an embedded system is collectively called the firmware. Whether it is a simple bare metal or a complex Operating System based design, the firmware is responsible for the overall functionality of the system and to ensure a logical flow of events. Today with high level of integration and complex user requirements, there is a need to support multiple types of devices. Most likely, each of these devices will have a dedicated peripheral logic inside the SoC or close to it handling them. Every operating system provides a mechanism called Device Driver to enable access to the physical hardware.

Developing any embedded application or firmware is not possible without using the underlying hardware devices over this standard device driver interface. Being critical part which handles most of the data from/to the device, device driver design has to be thoroughly thought off. And the final quality of the firmware stems from right design of the driver. We have comprehensive device driver development experience on all the major operating systems including Linux driver development.

Our team is highly proficient in programming languages like C, C++, Assembly, Python, Java etc. We have accumulated a library of driver and firmware components that has stood the test of time over diverse application projects. We have developed embedded realtime operating system from scratch called IsixRTOS, which has been adopted to the our requirements.:

Some of the device drivers activites

Storage devices:SD/MMC card, NOR/NAND flash, USB mass storage, EEPROM.
Buses:USB host and device, PCIe, I2C, SPI etc.
Displays:HDMI, VGA, TFT-LCD, HD44780.
Audio/Video:I2S, PCM, Various codecs, Camera etc.
Connectivity:GSM, Bluetooth , BTLE, WLAN 802.11, ISM. Ethermet. IART. CAN, RS232, RS485.
Other devices:Mutitouch panels, Encoders, Keyboard, Accelerometers, Thermometer, Barmometer, Smartcard etc.