Porting secure operating systems to new platforms

We can port Secure Operating systems like OP-TEE OS to new hardware platforms.


TA development

We has the credentials in the secure applications development (TA).


Secure operating systems drivers

 Our team has rich credentials in developing drivers for secure operating systems.


TEE provides an isolated environment to ensure code/data integrity and confidentiality. Typical embedded systems running Linux or Android are exposed to a large number of security vulnerabilities in both the kernel and user space packages. Vulnerabilities can allow an attacker to gain access to sensitive information and/or insert malware. TEE adds an additional layer of security where code/data running on the TEE can not be accessed/tampered from the normal world OS (eg: Linux/Android). The software running on TEE (secure world) typically involves a tiny security oriented operating system (eg: OP-TEE OS) along with trusted applications. The trusted applications are meant to handle confidential information such as credit card PINs, private keys, customer data, DRM protected media, etc. and provide services to the normal world OS to make use of the confidential information without compromising it.

Our engineers has significant experience securing ARM systems; including secure boot, working with Trustzone, porting OP-TEE and working with Trusted Applications.