Application and UI Development

Mobile applications Our team has rich credentials in developing mobile apps for various platforms like Android. PC applications We has ...
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ARM Trustzone development

Porting secure operating systems to new platforms We can port Secure Operating systems like OP-TEE OS to new hardware platforms ...
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Digital Signal Processing

DSP software development Our team provides custom program development, high optimization of standard DSP algorithms, as well as implementation and ...
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Middleware and Custom API Development

USB Stack Development Low foot print USB Host and Device Stacks for bare-metal, RTOSes and embedded OS systems. Custom API ...
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Firmware and Device Driver Development

Devices and Interfaces Covering a wide range of Storage Devices, Buses and Interfaces, Displays, Audio/Video codecs, Wireless/Wired Connectivity etc. Supported ...
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Embedded OS Porting and BSP development

CPU Our team has a fifteen years of experience in working with a range of chips like: Atmel, NXP, TI, ...
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