DSP software development

Our team provides custom program development, high optimization of standard DSP algorithms, as well as implementation and porting services.



 Various multimedia technologies as they evolve right from the early MP3 decoders to the latest and powerful specialization hardware units.



We have experience with  powerful image processing and video analytics, hardware acceleration video drivers etc.

Digital signal processing

Nowadays supporting multimedia technologies especially video playback is no longer an option for most embedded systems but have become a de-facto requirement. And handling multimedia on embedded systems requires real time and efficient processing capabilities. Customer expectations have become very high that even with powerful processors, higher memory and bandwidth, they are getting very difficult to met. As an effect, codec’s have become complex and compute-intensive. Hardware codecs have become a common feature of higher end SoCs. Apart of all these conventional multimedia, powerful image processing and video analytics are finding increasing applications in today’s embedded systems.

We can help you select appropriate DSP processors, develop, design, and improve DSP algorithms, implement and optimize DSP software on real-time embedded systems.  We have experience on a variety of digital signal processing applications including audio and video codecs, image processing, and DSL modems.

Emsyslabs specializes in custom DSP software development for a variety of technologies. Our services include:

Real-time Implementation of DSP Algorithms
We can take any digital signal processing algorithm and turn it into fully-functional software on your target platform.  This process involves setting-up the necessary infrastructure for the software to coexist and communicate with the remaining software in your system, and to control the hardware peripherals.  If the target processor does not have a floating-point unit, then it must be converted to utilize fixed-point arithmetic.

DSP Program Optimization
Digital signal processing algorithms are usually very computationally complex. For this reason, DSP processors include special instruction sets and features specially designed to speed-up DSP software. We can optimize your DSP software to take full advantage of the features of your target processor.