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Embedded Software Labs team of embedded software developers has a fifteen years of collective experience in working with a range of platforms right from the lowest 8-bit microcontrollers to the powerful 64-bit cores including single-core/multi-core microprocessor variant. Our embedded firmware designs are incorporated in various complex embedded systems that are run by a very basic non-OS program or by full-fledged operation systems like Linux,  Android, OP-TEE, ISIX etc. With our in depth knowledge and understanding, we provide the following range of embedded software development services :


Embedded OS Porting and BSP development

We can port and enable BSP for multiple operating systems like: Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, IsixRTOS  etc on custom targets.


Firmware and Device Driver Development

We offer to develop device drivers for OS enabled systems and firmware for bare metal system including diagnostics software development.


Middleware and Custom API Development

Our team has experience with USB Host and Device Stacks, Network Protocol Stacks on variety of embedded systems.


Digital Signal Processing

We have extensive experience working with software Codecs, Hardware Codecs, Audio and Video processing, etc.


ARM® TrustZone® OS Porting and Development

EmSysLabs offer porting Secure Operating Systems like: OppTEE on custom targets and Trusted Execution Environment application development.


Application and UI Development

QT, QTEmbedded, Android Applications, PC development are some of our offerings in this segment.


ISIX is a small RTOS developed by our team. It is designed to be small enough to run on a microcontroller, but unlike similar systems it is flexible. The number of tasks and synchronization primitives are limited only by the available memory footprint. The core is written in ANSI C but C++ is fully supported.

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