IGMS Android application

IGMS Android application Team: 1 people;Start: June 2016;End: December 2016;Technologies: Android Studio, Bluetooth, REST services;Languages: Java;Application written in Java; Communication ...
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GPS time based synchronizer

GPS time based synchronizer (BF400) Team: 2 people; Start: October 2010; End: March 2011; Technologies: IsixRTOS, STM32; Languages: C++; C++ ...
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Kernel and platform support AT91RM2000 (ARM920T)

Kernel and platform support for RM9200 Team: 1 people; Start: September 2008 Technologies: Openembeded, BuildRoot; Languages: C, Bash, Python, C++; ...
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NOC2K mini digital oscilloscope

NOC2K Two Channels Mini Digital Oscilloscope Team: 2 peoples;Start: March 2012Start: June 2012Technologies: ARM7TDMI-S, C++Languages: C++C++ firmware design and development.NOC2K ...
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BXConverter Team: 2 peoples; Start: September 2015 End: October 2015 Technologies: IsixRTOS, STM32 Languages: C++11, C C++ firmware design and ...
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SoMLabs VisionSOM Platform

SomLabs VisionSOM Platform Team: 3 peoples; Start: December 2017; Technologies: Buildroot, Yocto, Linux kernel; Languages: C, Bash, Python; The VisionSOM-6UL ...
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