How to Install QT5 environment on Linux

In this blog, QT5 environment installation on Linux operation system is shown

  1. 5 environment is not installed go to 
  2. After download, finish go to download folder and in console type
    chmod +x ./

    and then install

    sudo ./

    Note: Accept proposed installation location or choose Yours

  3. First, just installation information, click “Next
  4. Next, register or simple skip
  5. Next screen show which version of QT5 environment will be installed
  6. Choose where the QT5 environment should be installed
  7. Select at least options
    1. “Desktop gcc 64-bit”
    2. “Tools”->”Qt Creator x.x.x”
  8. Choose proper license type and accept license agreements
  9. Final accept with information how many spaces will be used after installation
  10.  Last picture show if the installation process complete successfully
  11. If from some reason QT5 environment needs to uninstall, reinstall or add some components go to install folder and execute MaintenanceTool
    cd /opt/Qt5.11.2/
    sudo ./MaintenanceTool

    Note: Location can be different, depends on choose during the installation process

  12. After executing Maintenance Tool of QT5 environment should appear screen – click “Next
  13. Choose what action needs to be taken, if uninstall select checkbox “Uninstall only”. The user can register, change license type, login or skip to change or install additional packages
  14. If some other actions are necessary follow instruction on the screen
  15. Installation or Uninstallation process complete

Lucjan Bryndza

Embedded software engineer