Configure new Kit in QTCreator based on Yocto meta-toolchain-qt5

  1. Run qtcreator application

2. Go to menu “Tools->Options”

3. Select “Kits” from left menu

4. Go to “Qt Versions” and click “Add…”

5. Indicate qmake from following folder


and just click open

6. Then go to “Compilers” tab

7. When clicked “Add” select “GCC->C” and provide path to gcc and it name

Compiler Path:

8. Next click “Add” select “GCC->C++” and provide path to g++ and it name

Compiler Path:

9. It is necessary also to add “gdb debugger”. Go to “Debuggers” tab and click “Add”


10. Go back “Devices” and click tab “Devices” an provide name “stm32mp1” for instance

NOTE: provide different Host name: if necessary. Provided IP address is the default for ST-Board USB emulated ethernet

11. Go back “Kits” and click “Add” an provide name “stm-qt5” for instance

Michał Wołowik

Software, hardware embedded engineer. Current duties: Linux(YOCTO) and Android(AOSP) images preparation. Main duties are to develop c/c++ application.

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  1. Hi, having an issue I was wondering if you could help.
    I’m coming from your previous tutorial on compiling Yocto with Qt5, and using the stm32mp1 dk2 board.
    At the end of the tutorial you give a script to set the environment variables, however now in Qt creator I can’t add any compilers–I just get a “compiler was already configured and will not be added” error, however it does not show up in the compiler list, so I can’t make a kit.

    Reinstalling Qt didn’t help.

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